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Wow. Surprised to get a response that quick/late. Glad to find someone else like that. :-)
-- E. Anderson, Exchange Administrator
XWall & XWALLFilter XWall Services Other Products

The Combination of XWall & XWALLFilter.
Complete edge protection for your entire Exchange
organization or a single Exchange Server.
Unlimited users, one low price.
Available now.

DataEnter XWall is an edge firewall that protects your Microsoft Exchange server(s) from viruses, spam and dangerous attachments. Lakewood XWALLFilter provides XWall with native support for the Microsoft Exchange 2003 through 2019 Junk E-Mail folder. Together, they protect your Exchange email infrastructure, remove the burden of spam grey-area quarantine management from your Exchange administrator, giving back control to your users. Result? Increased user satisfaction with less blocked or missing email complaints and administrative bliss, with no time consuming investigations. Everyone wins. In business, that is called a good deal!

XWall and XWALLFilter together provide more protective filters and less administrative burden then competitive products. All for one low price that includes unlimited users with no additional Exchange or O/S licenses needed. No surprises, no bloat-ware. Customers seeking to purchase licenses for both XWall and XWALLFilter will be especially happy with our discounted XWALLFilter Bundles. Hosting providers can stay competitive with XWall ISP Edition and XWALLFilter ISP/Multi-Server volume license editions.

Using Exchange 2007 through 2019? Want a stronger, less complex and less expensive edge protection solution without licensing another copy of Windows Server and Exchange? No problem. Both XWall and XWALLFilter for Exchange 2007 through 2019 provide a native 64-Bit edge solution, with unlimited users.

Powerful and Small, Safe and Strong: XWall & XWALLFilter, Better together.

Learn more ...

Download a 30-Day Trial.

Control your spam today!

As a DataEnter US reseller, we have deployed XWall to hundreds of sites, providing us with expertice that we make available to you.

Best Practice Installation Service

For sites that need to get operational quickly, or, for those sites having difficult problems which need professional resolution, we offer our Best Practice Installation Service. We interview you to determine your configuration needs and any issues you are currently experiancing. We then remotely configure a best practice XWall and/or XWALLFilter configuration custom designed for your company including appropriate changes to your Exchange server organization if needed. This service is performed by US level-3 engineers holding MCSE and Microsoft Exchange Certifications.

CCS Service

The Central Checksum Service (CCS) is designed to detect bulk e-mail on a worldwide level. To do this, XWall calculates a checksum of every incoming message and reports it to the CCS server at DataEnter. The CCS server cumulates incoming reports and responds with how many message with the same checksum are circulating in the past few hours dramatically increasing your detection rate for brand new spam messages.

Off-Site MX Backup Service

Provides you with an off-site backup server running XWall which stores your incoming email when your Internet connection, power or XWall server is down. Unlike normal hosting providers, because this backup server is running XWall, spam filters such as Greylisting are never bypassed and maintain your spam protection during outages. Messages are delivered to your XWall server when your Internet connection, power or XWall server comes back on-line.


Need total control and secure collection of email from external POP3 and IMAP accounts? DataEnter POPBeamer retrives your POP3 and IMAP email and sends it to any SMTP server. Use either stand-alone or integrates flawlessly with both XWall and XWALLFilter for spam protection as well.

Latest Product Versions
XWall 3.57
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2003 2.0.7696.927
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2007 3.0.762.1559
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2010
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2013 5.1.1178.973
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2016 6.0.396.816
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2019
POPBeamer 3.62
worrall on February 26 2021 15:16:16 · Read More · 9447 Reads · Print
New XWall and XWALLFilter for Exchange Releases
February 5, 2019

Dataenter has released a new version of XWall and Lakewood has released new versions of XWALLFilter for Exchange 2013, 2016 and 2019...
worrall on February 04 2019 22:11:44
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XWALLFilter bundle protects your users against spam and malware with UNLIMITED user licensing and no monthly per-user fees
September 1, 2016

Microsoft has announced that it will stop generating updates for the SmartScreen spam filters in all Exchange and Outlook versions...
worrall on September 01 2016 23:54:13
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Multi-year support discounts
December 11, 2011

Lakewood is now offering discounts for purchase of multi-year support agreements.

Please see our Purchase site for additional information.
worrall on December 11 2011 15:54:19
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Premium Support Offerings
December 11, 2011

Lakewood has added premium support options for XWALLFilter that include 1-year of telephone and remote support for XWall.
worrall on December 11 2011 15:44:22
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Latest Product Versions
New XWall and XWALLF...
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